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U Antwerp-u se 9. i 10. svibnja održava Skupština CESMA sa osvrtom na budućnost brodova. Skupštini će prisustvovati predsjednik Udruge pomorskih kapetana sjevernog Jadrana – Kraljica mora, Juraj Karninčić, te će predstaviti Rijeku kao slijedećega domaćina CESMA Udruge a koja će se održati u Rijeci 7. i 8. svibnja 2020.Predstaviti će povijest Udruge kapetana. Članak u cjelosti možete pročitati u nastavku:

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am pleased to be able to take part in this CESMA meeting in Antwerp and have the opportunity to present the work of the “Captains of the North Adriatic Association  – Queen of the Sea” operating in Rijeka, Croatia’s largest port.

The city of Rijeka and its port have been developed over the centuries, primarily because of the favorable geographic position, so that the city has long been the center of merchants and shipping and the crossroad of sea and land routes towards central Europe. The naval orientation of Rijeka with its harbor, shipyards, shipping companies, naval faculties and sailors has had its historical ups and downs, but in modern times it is adapting to new competitive conditions and has its place in European core corridors.

In such a business environment there was a need for professional maritime skills of all profiles. Maritime Hihgschool has been operating in Bakar since 1849. The Austro-Hungarian military academy operated in Rijeka from 1866 to 1914. The Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka has been operating in various forms since 1949, and today there are also a number of private institutions. Rijeka is today the centre of many crewing companies employing thousands of Croatian sailors who are sailing on various world maritime companies.

Our naval profession passed through various historical periods, following a number of technological changes. Sometimes the captain’s journey started from a young man in basic posts, and by practice and work would progress to commander, and today it is unimaginable to progress without a higher education degree and lifelong education in accordance with international conventions.

In order to better represent the interests of the naval captain’s profession, there has emerged in our areas the need for the founding of the Captain’s Association. The history of the association of naval captains and related vocations (engineers, radiotelegraphists and pelagers) is particularly interesting, as they have operated in several different state structures that then had power in Rijeka.

According to the available archive materials, the first knowledge of the founding of the Captain’s Association dates back to 1897. Captains and engineers met with the intention of establishing their associations. This meeting was attended by 38 captains and 36 engineers. At the Assembly held in 1901, the Statute of the „Club Captain Marittimi Association“  was adopted, which was to be confirmed in Budapest. The first president of the association was captain Bela Cosulich. The stamp of the association symbolizes a captain with an officers cap.

This association of captains encouraged other naval regions in the northern Adriatic to establish associations, so other societies were founded: Society of St. Nicholas in Kostrena, Society of St. Barbara, Society for Austro Hungarian Sailors in Bakar and  others. It is well known that in 1921, the “Alliance of Yugoslav Sailors” was founded, in Sušak, in 1932, the “Alliance of Radio-telegraphists of Yugoslavia” was founded, and in 1934 the “Club of Naval Operators”. In Sušak, in 1937, the “Captains of the Merchant Navy of Yugoslavia Club” was founded. After the Second World War, when Rijeka was destroyed, the city and port renewal lasted several years.

The conditions for re-development of maritime and shipbuilding are beginning to emerge, and Rijeka is again linked to the world and becomes the main Yugoslav port. Again, there is a need for a captain’s association, so the Captain Association called the “Association of SFRJ Merchant Navy Captains”, which counts on hundreds of members (I was 348th member in 1979). The association worked in accordance with the social circumstances of the time and was valued inits field of expertise. In the eighties of the twentieth century, the association changed its name to “The Croatian Association of Naval Captains and Pilots”. In October 2002, now in the independent Croatia, the association of “Captains of the North Adriatic Association  – Queen of the Sea” is founded, which is the successor of previous professional associations of naval captains. In that spirit, the Association becomes a member of CESMA – the Confederation of the Association of Captains of Europe from different European countries with headquarters in Amsterdam and ZHUPK – Community of Croatian Maritime Captains Associations.

Today, our association has 110 members, consisting of active captains on ships, retired captains, captains working in numerous land-based companies (ports, agencies, freight forwarders, trade unions, maritime schools, Maritime faculties, etc.). All of them, each in their own way, participate in the work of the Association. When I speak of our members, I must first point out our active colleagues who are sailing all the seas of the world on various ships and companies, who are ambassadors of our country, as well as our ambassadors worldwide. Retired memebers also contribute with their knowledge and experience. Many of our fearless captains have been successful in the rescue of people and property at sea. Many of them received international awards, and some were the carriers of the “Blue Ribbon of Vjesnik”, the traditional annual awards for individuals for heroic  rescue operations at sea.

Members of our association are also professors working at the Bakar Maritime Highchool and at the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka. Many of them are authors of scientific books in the field of maritime affairs. Among our members, we also have prominent artists, painters and sculptors, as well as renowned model ship builders  and writers of marine travel books. Some of our members are also recognized in international organizations. Captain Sergio Kos is a member of the European Academy of Science and Arts (EASA), and is a member of the British Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN). Captain Pavao Komadina, a prof. emeritus, a former longtime dean of the Faculty of Maritime Studies, is a member of the British Nautical Institute. Captain Berislav Vranić is a member of the British Nautical Institute and IMO Maritime Ambassador. Captain Jakov Karmelić is Vice President of FONASBAe for Education and IMO Maritime Ambassador.

We have four female members: Captain Vera Zec Dešković – Commander, Uta Percic – Lieutenant, Nikolina Eva Pahljina – Lieutenant and Marica Njegovan, Lieutenant.

Our ongoing efforts are to link maritime captains  with the aim of protecting professional standards and preserving maritime traditions, encouraging professional and scientific advancement of seafarers, participating in maritime affairs management, providing expert opinions in solving various issues related to our naval profession, to cooperate with related associations in Croatia and the world and to organize social entertainment for its members.

Until a few years ago, we published the “Queen of the Sea” print magazine, which was very well accepted, but financial reasons encouraged us to star publishing it in electronic media. In this way, we inform members of our activities, announce numerous maritime affairs and give our professional views.

We are actively involved in drafting legislation from a wide area of maritime affairs. We want to set a monument to the ship Carpathia that ran on the line between Rijeka and New York and who first provided assistance in rescuing people from the Titanic. Our Naval Museum holds in its collection rescue waistcoat from the Titanic.

Hereby, I would like to welcome you to Rijeka, the 25th annual CESMA Assembly, to be held on 7 and 8 May 2020. In that year, Rijeka will also be the European Capital of Culture, and will host numerous cultural-artistic as well as entertaining programs. I wish all of us to have productive work and to take with you a memorable memory from Rijeka – the European port of diversity.


Captain Juraj Karninčić

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